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the laureate of the plebiscite “The most popular tourist place 2003”

"Lądek as regards its enchanting location, fine balnearies, as well as its comfort, usefulness, entertainment and pleasure for the patients, undeniably takes the first place."

That utterance dated from 120 years before, whose author is doctor Aleksander Ostrowicz, Lądek`s many years` physician, has been thoroughly current up till now.

Lądek Zdrój, one of the oldest health resorts in Europe, surrounded by the Golden Mountains, not far from the majestic summit of Śnieżnik towering over the Kłodzko Land, has attracted patients and tourists for centuries. The location of the town, its historical buildings, the charm of the old town part , together with the greenery of the spa parks create a unique atmosphere.

Healing springs restore people to health, mountainous landscapes encourage them to walk and hike. The health resort ensures rehabilitation, relax and rest. The tourist offer also comprises walking and bicycle routes, climbing rocks, one of the very rare arboretums in the Poland, horse stables and the tourist crossing to Czechs.

Among cultural events we recommend:

  • Mountain Films Festival
  • Lądek`s Ballet Summer
  • the Days of Lądek
  • Pilgrimage Songs Review

New investments concerning ecological system of heating caused that the air is exceptionally clear. For several years there has been working a modern compost system, one of few such structures functioning in the region. Educational programs at schools dealing with ecology are the expression of solicitude about natural environment.

Let doctor Ostrowicz speak once more:

"Therefore neither will a courier awake a diplomat here, nor will a trumpet call an officer for duty; a professor will not be called to the auditorium, a merchant to the exchange. Here live all who are unhampered by the etiquette of golden parlours (...); everyone is joined by one knot of mutual politness and agreement, everyone has one intention, one aim ahead of them, the aim of recuperation."


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